I am not completely human, but I bleed like one and I speak like one, I talk and act like one, so why shan't I be treated as such? The multicolor blood that runs through all of our veins may not run at the same pace, but it circulates back into the cavity of your chest, heart or no heart, either way.
Welcome, to the depths of my mind.
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"You're late," John scolded his boyfriend. "A Holmes is never late, we arrive precisely when we intend to, everyone else is merely early," Mycroft told him. "Stuck watching Prince George again?" John chuckled. "The Duke and Duchess said they'd only be five minutes but then they were gone for two hours and I couldn't exactly disturb them in their bedroom now could I?" Mycroft complained. "So do you think we'll be getting another royal baby soon?" John asked. "I wouldn't doubt it."


mycroft secretly loves bbysitting lol :P

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I leave the number and a short
message on every green Volvo
in town

Is anything wrong?
I miss you.

The phone rings constantly.
One says, Are you bald?
Another, How tall are you in
your stocking feet?

Most just reply, Nothing’s wrong.
I miss you, too.

By The Ubiquity Of The Need For Love, Ronald Koertge - sarahroberts-blog (via perfect)